! Records sez "Stand Up And Shout!"


This site will let you know everything you need to know about the best record label in the history of the world. And if you don't like us well, then we might have a little problem here. We have an excellent roster of acts that are ready to shake and bake you into musical oblivion!

Well first things first. We are based in Plymouth, Massachusetts. By far the most boring town in the history of history for anything other than learning about its history. But we can make it cooler with our amazingly out there style. We can make you laugh, cry, and most likely SHOUT!


December 24th 2006

Holy Bajeezus! It's been like, over half a year since this was updated! So much crap has happened.(And not happened)  But we're still here and kickin' it. So yeah, on with the news.

YEAH! *Fist Pump* We Turn 1 Year Old...!

...on October 30th. That marked the first release we ever had. October 28th marks when ! Records was started. We are cool. Not that anyone cares, but like, we are still here. Only a little bit poorer and a little bit more knowledgeable about the music industry. WOO!


Its been done for a while. Except, due to forces beyond my control, it wasn't able to be sold correctly. You can buy it on the Shop page for 4 dollars including shipping. We are cool. The bands featured on it are:

Public Uproar

The Shredding Shoes

The Downright Creepies


The Numbskulls

Intentional Misuse

The Prozacs


Woo! Buy it now and you'll make everyone happier!


The amazing noise/gangsta rap/black metal/pop punk/indie rock/grindcore band is officially signed to ! Records and will have their EP for sale sooner or later. Check back for updates.


Okay so on February 16th, get your quiffs puffed, strap on your creepers and bum a ciggie for your buddy, cause the Koffin Kats are coming to town. Why? Well ! Records of course. At the moment we are still looking for a venue. It will most likely be at the ITAM in Worcester. The bands that we suppose are playing are:

The Numbskulls 

The Automatons



For now at least, we are in the process of booking the bands. Check back for Updates. Payce for now!










Old News

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