Contained is all the old news you wish you were around when it was happening.

NEWS for the Interested.

January 4th 2006

Dude, cool stuff is happening here. We signed some cool bands and we are ready to do other awesome totally amazing things. We have put out 4 cds in case you haven't noticed. We are currently making more copies to shove down your throats. If we supply 'em, you will buy 'em. 'Cause thats the ! Records way.

The Peyte Beat

Peyte Zeiffier has released 2 way cool things this week. One is yet another of his infamous EP's. This one is entitled "Whoa Mahng!". It packs six intense songs for only the hard coreist of hard core kids. The next is a compete cd by Peyte. This CD contains all his EP releases with a crazy hxc bonus track. This one is entitled "Whoa Mahng! The Complete Peyte 2005" These releases are just the hype albums before the "Live from Some Big Stadium Place!" A live album containing all new material. Look for it. And for sales inquiries, please contact Andrue@exclamationrecords.com by clicking the link below. 


We are looking for people to help out with our sick label. Mainly you. We want unique and talented people to help us in our eternal quest to bring pop music to its knees. If you share this vision with us and would actually help out, then just drop me a message. The link is at the bottom of the page. Go! 

January 6th 2006

YO! All the cool kids from ! Records are gonna be at the mall saturday to promote the label. If you see us. (As you undoubtedly will...) Talk to us, and maybe get a free something. (A Hug...?) So ya. Do it!

Fuedin' with No one

In case you were wondering, ! Records is not currently engaged in a feud with Matt Orchard and his friends. We were for a second, due in part to the content of the Peyte Zeiffier classic "Hardcore Emo Jew". Despite its questionable inspiration, it still remains a classic amoung hard core Peyte fans. So if you hear any information from a "Trustable Source" Don't believe them. Support Peyte. Chea?

January 20th 2006

Wassup? Shut up. I don't care. Really I do, but I want to seem more hardcore. Hey, we got this great band from Pennsylvania called Nitekast. They are pretty sick. You can get their demo from us if you want. Email Andrue@exclamationrecords.com Check out their website. www.nitekast.com

Fuedin' with no one again

There has been some talk and some threats thrown around between ! Records band Boris and the Buried and the band No Use For Names. We aren't. We don't care if you feel like fighting them, but don't say we backed you up. Cause ! Records doesn't feel like fighting for stuff our fans start. If you support Boris and the Buried, then go ahead and fight. But we don't care. So don't pull us into it. Chea?

Feb. 20th 2006

Yo. Sorry for the recent lack of updtaes. We have alot of stuff thats gonna blow u away. We've been working hard to get stuff for the fans. To dispell all rumors that i waskidnapped, i wasn't. Well, off of that topic and on to the cool stuff.

The Apparatus

The Apparatus is an instremental band based in Plymouth that is absolutely amazing. They played at The Middle East in Cambridge last month as part of the Emerganza music fest. Their performance was recorded and will be released on ! Records on March 3rd. For more info, contact theapparatus001@yahoo.com . They are playing again there at the Middle East downstairs April 8th. Its 18+, but go see them if you're interested. They are amazing.

The Widescreen Edition

The Widescreen Edition is a sweet band outta Plymouth with perhaps some of the most well put together music I have heard from Massachusetts. They just played a show at the New Song Art Center in Rockland. They totally packed the place with fans eager to hear the blistering force that is the Widescreen Edition. It was amazing. They have a self made cd that is out called "Live from the Basement". The cost is 5 dollars and if you would like to purchase one, contact us or TWE directly at gordsthemilkman@hotmail.com . 

TWE is playing another show at The New Song Art Center March 10th. Some other bands are going to open for them(Hopefully some of ! Records bands). It will be grand. The cost it 3 dollars at the door. We hope to see all of you there. For more info contact us or the link above. Thanks. 

Hear Us on the Radio!!!!

There is a sweet radio station called 91.1 WSMU that wants us to play some songs on there. They run a sunday night segment called Bloodstains. They asked us recently if we would like to play some of our punk music on there. Because we are about the fans and the music. We ask you, what do u want to hear from us? Email us for suggestions. We are cool.

March 23rd 2006

Sorry Mahngs!

Sorry for not updating the site as often as we should. We have a lot of stuff to do such as: Live, Go to Skool, Hang Out With Homies, and various other things. We aren't dead, just tired.

! Records is planning a huge show with all their hardcore bands sometime in the near future. We will keep you posted as to what is happening. The current bands that are playing this show when it happens are:
An Insanely Violent Death

Lord Alex and the Scumbags

The Widescreen Edition

Burial Hill Bill and the Pil-Grimms

Jelly Belly


...And more to come soon. We'll keep you posted.

New Bands Signed! Chea.

There are a few new bands that have been signed to wonderful ! Records. An Insanely Violent Death was signed last month and we released their debut EP "An Insanely Violent EP" to much success. 
Another band also with the guitarist Donny Dowling is Jelly Belly. Jelly Belly went through a sweeping line-up change and is now out there and making music like nobody's business. Expect their debut album "Natural Male Enhancements" out soon on ! Records. 
Another band is proud to be the only Psychobilly band in Plymouth. Burial Hill Bill and the Pil-Grimms is a band that is ready to shake the zombies in Plymouth right out of the ground and bring them to their concerts. They are in the recording stage and their debut EP will be out on ! Records very soon.
The final band to be signed recently is Lord Alex and the Scumbags. Their EP just came out on ! Records with 4 songs that will make you mosh until you cry from laughing. They are an amazing outfit with lots of hopes. They will rule the Plymouth Punk scene.

May 19th 2006


We are back finally after a long and complicated hiatus. We have alot to tell you. SO sit down and stare at your screen.

The Downright Creepies

I have seen alot of band around the Massachusetts area. I have been looking for a few specific types of music to add to our roster. One day I got an E-mail talking about this band from one of my buddies. I quickly investigated. The band in question is the amazing Downright Creepies. This band is from the town of Brooksfield. I had never heard of the town. But the music was amazing. They are the only psychobilly band in Massachusetts. I found what I was looking for. They are playing a show in a town called Athol on the 27th that I will be attending. If anyone lives around there, please attend. The show flyer is in the shows section.

June 5th 2006

Hello Children

We are still alive and we are attempting to plan out our tour. The Kill Emo tour will take place this summer and feature The Downright Creepies and other fine ! Records bands. We are planning on bringing the old hardcore music and some other styles to people who matter...YOU! So check us out if you want to this summer hitting spots on the cape. We are in the process of booking a show at the Town Hall in Plymouth to get to everyone who wants to see us but can't travel far. This is going to be great.

For all of you who have been deprived of music from ! Records since its inception heres the new deal. Every ! Records release since the first one is going to be available online. Some of these CD's are remastered and sound much better than the really horrid versions we put out last year. The full list and purchasing info is posted on the Music Page of this site. Check it out!

June 6th 2006


Nope. Satan has yet to show up. I have been on my porch listening to Stairway to Heaven Backwards and reading the Satanic bible all day, but where is that crazy dude? Who cares? Well, back to buisness.


If you are a fan of hardcore music, and want to support the local scene, then please drop us a line to help get us venues for the Kill Emo tour. Being a small record label with a limited budget, we too need a place to play. If you are in the Massachusetts area and is interested in porviding a place to play, please email us any and all information that you have. Thanks for your support.

July 6th 2006


The Numbskulls are hosting a GIGANTIC rock party! Its bound the be the most insane, intense and over all amazing show/party/musical orgy that Massachusetts, hell, the whole COUNTRY has ever seen. Be sure to check it out. Tickets are 5 dollars, Doors open at 5. All Ages! This is going to be intense so bring all your friends and tell them to bring all their friends and tell them that if they dont come they suck and you wont be their friend anymore. This is important enough to lose a friendship over. And if you don't come, you get a zero. Simple as that.


Big surprise at the end of this show!

Show+Big Surprise=HAPPY!

Osprey Entertainment

Osprey Entertainment is a Massachusetts Based company that wants to help out local bands. They have been so utterly gracious to us in helping us find venues and helping us organize our crap. They are quite amazing in both their services and general attitude. And I'm not just saying this because I want to suck up or anything. Cause there are some people out there in the music biz who just really, really suck. Their website link is below if you want to check out the great things that they do. Truley schweet.

The Kill Emo Tour...

...Yeah, about that. The Kill Emo tour just, no. It kinda went down the drain a bit. But! We promise a hell of a lot of shows after summer. Why? Because the target area we wanted to play in was either all booked thru the summer, or didn't want punk bands to play. Trust us, hours of phone calls were made attempting to do this. Myself and the ! Records team are all on it still trying to bring shows to people who don't suck. Maybe it'll be the Massachusetts is Friggin' Retarded Tour next year. But until then, keep thrashing.

July 14th 2006


! Records is putting out a comp, for all the music deprived youth of the South Shore. It shall showcase talent from the Center of the Massachusetts Musical Vortex. So far we have 4 bands on board. It will likely cost 2 or 3 dollars but we'd like it to be free. If you have any questions about when it will be out or how your band can get on it, email me below.

July 15th


At the time of this writing, the following bands are to be featured on the CENTRAL MASSacre comp.

The Shredding Shoes

The Downright Creepies

Public Uproar

The Prozacs

Any other bands that want to be on the comp will be listed sooner or later.