Our First Hall of Famer is the Fabulous Gina Christopher. She did all the web graphics for us and she deserves the number one spot. And if you dont like it, we might have to jump you. Cause thats how we roll her at ! Records. Chea!

The Next Hall of Famer is my history teacher Mr. Kuloweic. He supports us I think. But here is an uber-candid shot of him with me.

Our Next Hall of Famer is the cool dude known as Tony. But I call him Tony Baloney. You should too. He's one of our many promoters. If you see him, ask him about ! Records, and he can hook a brotha up! And he is one of the few people that can touch my guitar without fear of being eaten. Yah.

This next hall of Famer is the very elusive Joe Boute. He is our senor promoter. I did not mistype this. He mistyped it earlier, so now he is in fact mexican. Can u find him?

This one here is Ryan. He directs the NYR videos that are closely related to ! Records. He is shown here on a rail after a nasty grind and head first onto a ramp. He got hurt for this, so look at it and kiss his boo-boos.

LOOK AT HER HAIR! That's reason enough to put Leanne in the hall of fame. And she's wearing a Dead Kennedy's shirt. ! Records supports the Dead Kennedy's and everything they were. 

The force is strong with this one. A certain Peyte Zeiffier. You don't know him. So go away.

This is our number one fan. Dominating everyone that thinks otherwise. Call her Brandizzle.